Beginners Guide to TABATA: What is it?

Beginners Guide to TABATA: What is it?

Ever heard about TABATA and thought hmm that sounds like a nice meal.  Well, you are not alone.





What is TABATA?

TABATA  is a type of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)  workout that is completed in four-minute increments with 10-second rest in between.

It is  20 seconds of intense work followed by 10 seconds of rest; it is the process of consecutive work and rest cycles that go into a 4-minute round of TABATA.

This cardiovascular workout elevates your heart rate and burns many calories in a short burst of time with the maximum effort that you are sure to feel.

How often should I do this workout?

Tabata is a great cardio workout and can be done every day if you want, but variety in your workouts is key to help aid in improving overall muscle development, mobility, flexibility, strength and endurance.

This kind of high-intensity work can be done 2 – 3 times a week after your strength training sessions and steady-state cardio.

Is Tabata harder than normal HIIT?

To a certain degree, this workout would be more challenging for a beginner but would give results that require resilience.

Can I use other gym equipment during TABATA?

Of course! These workouts can be done with your own body weight or with weights and resistance bands of your preferred level to increase intensity.

But, it is essential to note that taking a very heavy weight will tire you out, so it would be advised to use a light to medium weight to complete the needed reps for each cycle.

Where can I do A TABATA workout in ABUJA?

The TABATA session at Bodyline Wuse 2 hosted by Personal Trainer Uduak (Dkara Fitness)  is a great way to get yourself working.

Uduak aka Dkara Fitness


“I went to the TABATAFest hosted by Dkara Fitness on Saturday, July 2nd 2022 and it is fair to say that the workout is not for the faint-hearted. The session began with a warm-up and  8 rounds of circuits followed, with rests in between. We completed it in about 30-40 minutes. The group of attendees were great and the workout had a variety of movements and target areas. A massive bonus of Tabata is the upbeat music and voice of the instructor that keeps you motivated. Ten out of Ten.”

Article Written by: @fitkaytoday, @mr_intensity365



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