What’s in My Gym Bag? The Essentials.

What’s in My Gym Bag? The Essentials.

What to have in your gym bag and why does it matter?

Ever arrived at the gym and realized that you forgot something like headphones, socks, or believe it or not your gym shoes, I know I have forgotten all 3 of them at one point or the other.

What type of Gym bag should I have?

Before you start packing your gym bag after reading this post you may want to consider the size of your bag and how much stuff you throw into the bag. It makes no sense to carry a bag that is too big or stuff so much into a small bag. The right size of gym bag has to be able to carry all of the things you need for the gym, and also be mobile enough to carry on a taxi or public transport.

There are various types of bags, drawstrings, duffle bags, mini duffle bags and backpacks. Make sure to check the lining of the bag and if it is water resistant, thank us later. Keep in mind that a good quality bag with compartments can often cost more money so factor in your use and activity.

What should be in your bag?

  • Waterbottle (100ml)

  • Gym shoes

  • Snack

  • Headphones /Charger

  • Towel

  • Spare Gym clothing

  • Cold or Heat Spray/Aboniki

  • KT Tape (Kinesiology Tape)

  • Training Gloves

  • Wraps/Bandages

  • Hygiene /sanitary products

  • Slip-on/Crocs

  • Deodorant

  • Plastic Bag (for wet stuff)

Spare of everything –  we MEAN it.

Sweating buckets is not a joke. For many of us that are based around the centre of the equator, humidity, heat and damn right lack of light or A.Cs make it impossible to keep dry.  Having an extra pair of all my training gear is essential. An extra pair of shorts, socks, underwear and a shirt are almost permanently in my bag. For a lot of ladies having an extra pair of sports bras and even emergency sanitary products makes the biggest difference when faced with the sudden realisation of starting your period.

What injury items to have to save the day?

I am no professional when it comes to injury prevention but I can sure tell you that some of the items I’ll mention may just save your life and that of a fellow gymmer. Using cold spray or heat spray products helps with sudden inflammation or DOMS that I am recovering from. An all-time favourite that can be bought anywhere is Aboniki; the cure for all ailments, according to our parents in West Africa.

Bandages, wraps and kinesiology tape are a must-have in your gym bag. Why you might ask? Well if you suffer from acute or on-and-off joint or pressure, these can support that, especially when you pull or sprain a muscle. But… if the pain continues you definitely need to see a professional.

Toiletries and keeping up hygiene with all the sweat.

That funk you got is not cute. Having the funk after a workout is pretty normal but not handling it …is well not great. A lot of the time gym users forget that toiletries and hygiene products are an essential addition to their gym bag and general hygiene habits. Having a towel to wipe yourself and the equipment after use cannot be overstated. We all hate looking down at the equipment and wondering who could have done this (gasp).


Toiletries could include, deodorant, a wash bag with soap, shampoo/conditioner, body lotion and even some good funk, your favourite perfume. But remember that even a change of training shoes is also a great way to maintain healthy feet and avoid the funk too.


Article Written by: @fitkaytoday, @mr_intensity365



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