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What is a personal fitness trainer?

A personal trainer, known as PT, is a paid fitness trainer, or instructor who guides, supports challenges and programs your growth for the best results one-to-one. Good personal trainers often track performance and overall growth iteratively and dedicated and allocate time to work with as a service.

I would argue that in this day and age this will be one of the best investments you make for your health and fitness in 2022 going into 2023. Why?

Well, a  fitness trainer is not just a person you see 3 to 5 times per week or someone who puts you through a rough training session. A fitness trainer brings so much knowledge about your potential fitness goals and plans to bring those goals to fruition.

Many newbies on the fitness journey make the mistake of jumping into training without any kind of guidance or understanding of the various types of exercises or routines to use, other than the ones they see on their body goal instablogs and ‘trainers’. In Nigeria, a career as a fitness trainer is not taken as seriously as it should be, but that notion is gradually changing with more people opening their eyes to the need to hire one

Here are 3 strong reasons you should hire one immediately.


We all know that one new member in the gym who has no knowledge of how to use the equipment but refuses to ask for help, over the many years of visiting many gyms in Abuja, I have seen this trend play out. They may end up doing nothing and wondering why they don’t see progress.

 A fitness trainer after understanding what your goal is will create a training plan geared towards your goal whether it’s weight loss, bodybuilding or more, that way as soon as you start training you know exactly what you are doing and how long it’s going to take to get done.


Most people don’t achieve the goals set at the beginning of their fitness journey because of one reason, they are never held accountable.

This is the same reason we bail out on social engagement and simple tasks like cleaning our houses. Life happens and somehow we fall short of our commitments because we are overwhelmed and exhausted.

When you hire a fitness trainer, you are also hiring someone to keep track of your progress no matter what life situations you may be going through.

Because you have already paid for the service it’s going to be harder to skip a workout and even harder to call your trainer and explain why you won’t train.

This factor, in my opinion, is one of the reasons personal fitness trainers are often successful and very much worth every kobo.


Now, this expectation topic is a very sensitive one, because most people start off with big goals and expectations for themselves, and the problem is that many of those goals are always unrealistic.

According to science, it is recommended to lose 1kg to 1.5kg of weight per week, this type of slow-paced weight loss is excellent because you only need to apply small reasonable lifestyle changes you can sustain, Rather than all the loose weight of 100 kg in 1-week programs I see people paying for online that may lead to other health problems or possible injury.

Hiring a personal trainer can help you keep your goal as realistic as possible, so you are most likely to achieve and maintain your goal.

When you decide to hire a trainer, make sure your trainer has the right training and experience to get the job done. Ask for past success stories and varied results. Remember that just because someone may look like you may not result in the same outcome or journey.


Cost is solely dependent on the trainer, there is no fixed rate at least not here in Nigeria.

A good trainer with experience will cost between 30k all the way up to 100k or more per month. Some people may ask if a trainer certificate is necessary to be called a trainer, well that is up to the client, you. Make sure to reflect on your experience with the trainer. Do you feel comfortable with them? Can you take risks and be safe, are you motivated and enthusiastic to come back for more? Does the commitment to challenge feel exciting with their guidance or more literally a pain?

Article Written by: @fitkaytoday, @mr_intensity365


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